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26 April 2011 @ 11:48 pm
Samoi has his first crush on a boy with braces, red hair and a smile that makes his knees go weak. Everyone calls him Jie. He moved into the neighbor a year ago with his family and they have been friends ever since. When they play house together with thier other friend Ditzi, she gets to the baby, Jie's the dog and Samoi is something of a houseplant. Their games never made too much sense but that's why he liked them so much. Besides, since houseplants couldn't move and babies didn't know how to move houseplants, Jie carrys Samoi around everywhere. The little boy just stays quiet, trying to conseal his blush behind his dark bangs.

Samoi whispers in his head that he'll love Jie forever and ever, as young children often do, and he really did believe that at the time. Jie was awesome and sweet and never minded that Samoi barely uttered a word. He never teased him like the other kids or made fun of his weird eyes and freckles. To Samoi, what more could he ask from someone? He spends days doodling girlish things in his private notebooks, Samoi Shinva and what not, and constantly promising tomorrow would be the day he'd confessed his love for the red head.

Then, one tomorrow Jie leaves. Samoi wants nothing more than to run up and kiss him hard and passionate like they do in the movies he watched, thinking maybe that would keep him from moving. Love works like that, right? Maybe Jie loves him too. He didn't hate Samoi. Long-distance relationships are fine with Samoi so long as they were with Jie. But he didn't do that. All his body allows is a quick wave goodbye. His heart could barely take the sight of Jie trying to kiss Ditzi before he left. It snaps and turns into powder as Ditzi pushes the other away, saying ew, boy!

Samoi just slips inside without anyone noticing. He's good at that. No one sees Samoi, no one wants or takes notice of him. His true talent, hiding. This is why they come a few years after Jie left. It isn't the cliche in the middle of the night secret steal away. They come, explain and Samoi just leaves with them. No one puts up a fight. No one says boo. He wonders if Jie will, when he finds out.

Before the program, Samoi still loved Jie very much. His dreams are often containmated with the boy. All he knows about the boy nowadays is he lives in Yakub and is very much not interested in him. Samoi thinks this will last forever.

After the program, Samoi knows the meaning of forever and he hopes, wishes and prays that something will stop, end and discontinue the life he lives. Everything, every spilt second of the universe's life collides into single frames and Samoi is left silently screaming the times he is awake.

God, please. Let nothing last forever. He's a pile of useless waste, a successful failure. He can see now, but what can he do? Nothing. They leave him by himself as the universe quickly fells apart before his eyes. Samoi wishes he could find something to try himself back down to reality, instead of witnessing the space of time itself.

It's a simple solution. If he sees all of time, he must be apart of all of time. With that in mind, escape was easy but being within a world didn't ease him a bit. He's floating through space, without a mind and even less of a body. Everything is happening at once and his cries don't reach of single ear. Samoi, when he can, wonders if he'd learned to talk as a child, would they reach ears? If he had the guts to kiss Jie, wonder he be the mess he is today? What is today and where, hell when is he?

Then, there's somthing solid. Samoi wants to blink, scream and cry all at once. He tries to remember how to move, instead of float and tune out the forever he lives in. As he struggles closer, the time around him slows and Samoi sees a new world for the first time. Everything is falling and happening at once, but this pace is almost tolerable. Samoi can see time for the first time since the program in a way he can understand. He tell can apart eras and see events. He'll give anything to keep it this way.

And when he finally makes it to the solid mass that is slowing time for him, Samoi knows he will give anything to keep it this way. It was small boy, different from the ones he knew from before. He is no Jie, much smaller with shaggy dark hair like Samoi's was once, pale as a day playing by himself in the middle of a large yawn. And for the first time since Samoi can't really remember, before program, maybe for the first time in his whole life, someone looks directly at him, not just through him.

With one bright smile, the litte boy streches out his hand, standing up and divetackling the doglike creature into the ground with a single word, puppy. Samoi will never think his real name again, never think of Jie again, this little boy is all the occupies his mind. He is only Puppi now and until time stops. He is only this little boy's pet, protector, confidant and Puppi's happier than Samoi's ever been.

http://5x3minutes.livejournal.com/30607.html#cutid1 -TOGO, the PREQUEL!

So, Quite gets Uri and Azize back together and are all happy, lovely-dovely. The little mad scientist wanna-be is allowed to return to Yakub, and she's all, ":D!" until she remembers the pestilences:

Suri - Cancer (1st gen, unique)
Pink - Leprosy (1st gen)
Knowlt - TB (5th Gen)
Kirov - Typhus (3rd gen)
Enza - Influenza (2rd gen)
Cleo - Cholera (3rd gen)
Hike - Smallpox (1st gen)
Epidemic - Black Plague (1st gen, unique)
Liotta - Polio (3rd gen)
Hex - Scarlet Fever (2nd gen)
Tobiy - Rabies (3rd gen)
Bunyip - Rubella (3rd gen)
Togo - Diphtheria (2nd gen)
Pneu - Black Lung (1st gen)
Adam - Suicide (1st gen, unique)
Malaria, Ebola, Typhoid Fever, Monkeypox, etc, etc, etc.

And she really can't abandon them with good conscious (especially Togo. Oh, geez.). But she isn't going to live on Earth anymore, not when she can live in Yakub with Azize and sort-of rule it. So, she appoints a manager. This is Bunyip, better known Posy when she was alive. She was originally the youngest pestilence of what I now forget (I'm thinking Measles, maybe Rubella) at the age of six or seven. Nowadays, she's like twelve, thirteen.

Now, like most of the pesties, Bunyip is a wee bit crazy. It's sort-of a requirement. "Crazy?" "Yes." "Good, good." She's also tyrannical, like those sixteen year olds on Sweet Sixteen, and loves threatening the depower the others if they didn't make certain quotas. Not that she can, but the others get pissed she even vocalizes such nonsense. That's not the point of the pesties. They are population control, the karma police. Quotas are a no-no.

So they get an union leader to deal with Bunyip. Why? No one actively against her wants to go up against a tyrannical teen-aged girl and the ones who would (Pink) don't care about the fucking around with the status quo (he really doesn't care about the whole politics scene anyways. He's Pink, for fuck's sake). The union leader will quite possibly be Szczesny because, Szczesny and union leader is hilarious in my mind's eye. Or, just get a new character. Whatever. Not the point.

So, Uri is all live live live with Azize and is always talking about the pestilences. They're her babies, what would you expect? She talks about Togo. Azize in return, talks about them too because damn, they are pretty sweet and she likes braggin about her girlfriend's mad scientist mind.

The people in return talk about the pestiliences and word gets back to Ereshikigal about an Ereshkigalian living on Earth who's free from the restrictions of time and space. Hey, wasn't Samoi able to do that? Isn't he missing? Why not check this shit out, so that's what they do.

It doesn't end well. Puppi's no fool, but he also doesn't think throughly where Togo's safety is concerned. Get out and get out fast is the plan.